Stanley Brown a native of Youngstown,OH
quit his job and went to Atlanta in October 1994 in search of a singing career. in July, he signed a contract with sharp records of Atlanta and soon will have two rhythm and blues released. Sharp Records a black-owned company, has 15 artists on its label. It is the only black-owned record company to have a rock and country Division.

stated by Chairman Tony Sharper. Brown said that when he arrived in Atlanta, he started pursuing the telephone directory for records companies. Stanley sign with sharp, spread the word about his good fortune. in Youngstown Stanley has sing and perform with the Mighty Generation, Uptown Syndicate and Baby Brothers, all of Youngstown.
The self taught musician said he enjoys singing and discovered that he has a golden voice. Brown said love music has special qualities.
It’s pure.” “Brown describes his style as Earth Wind and Fire,
the Delfonics, Tim Preese and the Stylistics rolled into one.
“It’s been missed. ” said Brown of love music. ” Folks want to hear it, I know they do.”
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